9th-12th Grade Workshops

students in lab
All hands-on workshops are for a maximum of 30 students. The price listed below is for one session.  All workshops are 90 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.




Cellular Respiration (Biology)
Explore and manipulate the phenomenon of cellular respiration by using touch screen technology and live, ectothermic specimens!

Genes in a Bottle (Biology) 
Introductory genetics is explored with this educational and fun DNA extraction procedure! The concept of DNA becomes tangible to students as they extract their own genes from cheek cells, using proper lab procedures just as real world scientists do everyday. Once they precipitate their DNA, they preserve it in a take-away bottle of their very own. 90 minutes

Organic Synthesis (Chemistry)                                                                                                     $450
Investigate chemical bonding using models and other scientific tools! Students will run an organic synthesis reaction to transform one naturally occurring organic substance into another. 
90 minutes

Water Quality (Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science)                                               $360
Using PASCO Spark equipment, students will test the water quality of local pond and/or stream samples to determine pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and conductivity. 90 minutes