Assembly Shows

Retha uses marshmallows and a bell jar to demonstrate what would happen to humans if they were in space.

1 Show: $300 | 2 Shows: $480 | 3 Shows: $650 | 4 Shows: $825

All shows are one hour long. All multiple shows must be the same show.

**Due to the nature of our demos demos, visibility may be impaired with audiences of more than 175 participants.

 All Systems Go (Physical Science)
Come and join us as we explore space. What is the temperature of the moon? What exactly is the vacuum of space? What keeps our feet on the ground and the planets in motion? Find out all of this and more as we travel to infinity and beyond.

Inquiring Minds (Physical Science)
From the fundamentals of forces to circumnavigating strange circuitry, observe some of the most interesting oddities of science through our diverse demonstrations. During this show, select students will participate in scientifically oriented activities and formulate explanations for unexpected phenomena.

Radical Reactions (Chemistry)
You haven’t seen flashy until you’ve seen us experiment with chemical and physical reactions. Pull up a chair and watch our demonstrations on the fire triangle, polymers, and how we whip up elephant toothpaste!

Scales and Tails (Life Science)
Get up close and personal with our live animals! Discover their unique habitats and how they fit into the food chain. We’ll explore the unique characteristics of cold-blooded, warm-blooded, vertebrate, and invertebrate animals.

Super Power Spectacle (Physical Science)
KAPOW! SMASH! ZAP! Students will come face to face with modern marvels that can replicate the super powers of their favorite heroes and villains.  From levitation to invisibility, they’ll learn that science has no boundaries!             

Weather Wonders (Earth Science & Physical Science)
Come experience the wild world of weather! Learn the basics of weather and explore temperature, pressure, and volume. Get the scoop on wind and weather fronts too!