Hiring Dry Vent Cleaning Contractor


The average home has between 20 and 50 dryer vents, but due to the nature of their location and function contractors recommend having them cleaned every 1-3 years, more on dry vent cleaners.

Dryers create large amounts of lint in their exhausts which can build up in your vent lines, reducing air flow, increasing energy costs and risking a fire hazard. Many times homeowners discover they need to clean their venting when there is a buildup of lint or clogging in their dryer’s lint screen. If you notice this happening frequently or if your clothes are taking longer than usual to dry, it may be time for a cleaning!

the advantages of air duct cleaning?

One of the biggest advantages is that they can easily diagnose the problems in your heating and cooling system before they are visible to you. For example, if there is mold or mildew in your air ducts, this could be a sign of serious issues with your HVAC system that may lead to further damage! It is during those times when it becomes important for homeowners to turn towards professional help who have all the necessary tools and expertise which will give them peace of mind.

Another advantage of hiring dry vent cleaning contractor is that these experts guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as they follow a detailed process which includes pre-inspection, arriving on site ready with the equipment needed, inspecting the inside of your vents clearing out any blockage in vent lines, removing debris, taking air samples and giving you an estimate before the cleaning work begins. Plus if they found any problems with your HVAC system during their inspection or after the vent cleaning service they will provide a proper solution at reasonable rates. They also have a 24/7 customer support helpline which means that any questions regarding their services can be answered by these professionals in a few minutes.

Another reason why homeowners feel more comfortable in having dry vent cleaning contractor is that these experts are experienced and well equipped to handle all kinds of duct-related issues. From clearing out vents to cleaning air ducts and dryer vents, they have everything needed for the job.

Choosing an Air Duct Cleaning Company?

Choosing an air duct cleaning company can be a difficult task if you do not know what to look for. There are numerous companies out there that provide the same services and it is important to find out which one of them would be best suited for your needs. When choosing an air duct contractor, ask yourself these questions: 1) Does the company come highly recommended? 2) How many years has the contractor been in business? 3) Are they licensed and insured? 4) Do they offer a warranty on their work? 5) How much will it cost me?


How to clean home air ducts?

Clean all vents which are accessible to a vacuum and brush. Ensure you do not leave any debris after cleaning. If you cannot access your ducts, call dry vent cleaning contractor or HVAC experts to clean the area for you. For an average home with 20+ ducts, it may take a day or two to complete this task! When hiring professional help ensure that they use rotary brushes (which rotate at 3,600 rpm) instead of just suction and cloth for deep penetration in hard-to-reach areas.