Tell us about your experience. . .

We’ve done quite a few NASA Saturdays in the Pee Dee and would like to know what you liked most about your experience at a workshop or public viewing.

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  1. Jeff Felten says:

    I went to a NASA Saturday in February and it was so much fun! The people were so enthusiastic about astronomy, it was contagious! Tony and Steve were gems, as they gave my date and me the grand tour of the planetarium when they totally didn’t have to! Great time!

  2. Laura Gasque says:

    My children have attended two NASA Saturdays, and they loved them both! They were excited about everything they learned and had to recap what they learned for all of us: parents, grandparents, cousins, etc. I like the fact that they are spending their Saturday mornings doing something worthwhile. They don’t even call it educational; they just call it fun!

  3. Rebecca Culbertson says:

    My grandson, Jas, has attended ScienceSouth programs since he was in preschool and has attended every NASA Saturday program he could since its inception. Because of your excellent work he was invited to attend the magnet middle school for science and math in Darlington County and has consistently scored in the highest percentile on standardized testing for science and math. Thank you for providing these wonderful programs for our future career scientist!

  4. Beverly Spears says:

    THANK YOU, Retha, from VieveBoone Beckham and Beverly Spears. Today I bought Vieve a special rocket shirt to wear to the NASA program.
    We’re excited! See you on the 18th.

  5. Caryn Lonz says:

    My daughter is home schooled and adores science in every form. We can never get enough hands-on experience for her. Science kits and home experiments are all well and good, but there is no comparing it to the experience at Science Saturdays. The kids get so excited! Who knew science could be a team sport? Thanks for providing so much fun for all of them!

  6. Barbara Green says:

    Thank You for the great programs. Our 13 year old son attended a NASA Saturday a few weeks ago and our 6 year old daughter attended one just this past Saturday. Both enjoyed their time and were excited to talk about what they learned. So grateful this program exists in Florence. We need more things like this. Keep up the great work!

  7. Leah says:

    My girls really enjoy NASA Saturdays. They love seeing how things work and how the world around and above us affects their lives. The instructors are excellent in bringing things to their level while still presenting a challenge. They bring home their project and are able to aptly describe the how and why to the rest of the family. The girls are very comfortable there and look forward to every visit.

  8. Kristen says:

    My son, Elliott, participated in the NASA Saturday Robotics program. He absolutely loved it and was excited to get home and think of ways he could tweak or expand his “brush bot”. This program has really ignited his interest in robotics and engineering. He learned so much while having fun with other kids his age. We are so blessed to have programs such as these available for our children!

  9. Minnemie Murphy says:

    Great excitement reigns in our home when the calendar reveals that one (or some) of the boys is to attend a NASA Saturday (or any ScienceSouth) event. The excitement continues beyond the day of the event as they come home to test, recreate or expand on the concepts introduced by the scientists. Recently we were able to attend a NASA Saturday event as a family. Wow. I loved it as much as they did. The activities and information were appropriately presented and scaled to effectively accommodate, engage and educate 5K through adults – quite a pedagocical accomplishment! The staff’s commitment to science education, their excitement in sharing their subject matter, and their kindness while doing so is inviting and inspiring. Such a top quality program, and such a great bunch of people!!

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