K-4th Grade Workshops

All hands-on workshops are for a maximum of 30 students. The price listed below is for one session. Workshops are 60 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. These workshops are typically done in the classroom. Please schedule your sessions accordingly. 




Animal Adventures (Life Science)                                                                                  $360
Students will explore characteristics of different animals; from where they live, to what they eat, and how they eat it. They will learn about how certain adaptations help some animals survive in the wild. There will also be hands-on fun with ScienceSouth’s very own animal friends.

Forces of Attraction (Physical Science)                                                                         $360
Students will explore characteristics of magnetism using discovery boxes with hands-on tools. Working in pairs, students will use magnets to levitate, separate, and identify magnetic materials.

Mysteries of Mass (All Disciplines) 
Students will be introduced to the concepts of mass versus weight, air resistance, and gravity during this inquiry-based workshop. During the experiment, they’ll assemble a hanging balance to use for their investigations as well as learn how it parallels with the scientific method process.

Soil Sleuths (Earth Science)                                                                                            $360
Students will get a “feel” for soil as they explore its properties. Using soil samples from around their school they will determine its color, texture, size, and shape.