4th-8th Grade Workshops

All hands-on workshops are for a maximum of 30 students. The price listed below is for one session. Workshops are 60 minutes in length, unless otherwise noted. Please schedule accordingly.





Automatic Artist
 (Art & Physical Science)                                                             $600
In this STEAM activity, participants review and use knowledge of physics, electricity and magnetism to fashion a toy robot that can create abstract works of art!  Crafting from common items and building a circuit, the “art machine” will move by vibrating forces to make unique designs.

Bridge the Gap
 (All Disciplines)                                                                         $360
Students will learn the importance of inquiry science as they follow the scientific method to solve a bridge design project.

Circuitry: Making the Connection 
(Physical Science) 
Illuminate the science of electricity! Students will experiment with circuitry by making their own series and parallel circuits while discovering the functions of different electrical components by making their own working circuits.

DNA Extraction (Life Science)                                                                           $450
Using real lab tools, students will extract DNA from a selected plant. They will discover and investigate the properties and the molecular structure of DNA.

Does Pollution Matter? 
(Earth Science & Chemistry) 
What is pollution and how does it affect our watersheds? Students will test a polluted “pond” sample for pH, temperature, and conductivity. Using the processes of filtration, sifting, magnetic attraction and flotation, they will separate the polluted sample to discover how and why pollution occurs.

JitterBot (Physical Science)                                                                            $450
It’s time to build your next creation! Simple circuits and vibrations combine to create a six-legged robotic insect. 90 minutes

Outrageous Optics (Physical Science)                                                             $360
Explore some of the basic properties of light in our outrageous optics workshop. Students will see a rainbow appear in their classroom, explore reflection and refraction, and make their best attempt at our mirror challenge.

Small Life, Big World (Life Science)                                                                   $360
Students will delve into the world of microorganisms. Participants will learn the parts of a microscope and how to use it to discover the differences in plant and animal cells and examine and identify various eukaryotic microorganisms.