After-School and Community Outreach Programs

ScienceSouth offers workshops for schools and organizations seeking a way to provide enriching after-school programming. All after-school workshops can accommodate 30 participants per session. Workshops are 60 minutes in duration, unless otherwise stated. The cost for mileage is $1.45 per mile for locations over 50 miles roundtrip from the ScienceSouth base.  Below are the descriptions, grade level and pricing for the workshops we offer.

Life Sciences

Invertebrate Intrigue Insect-O-Mania (Grades K-2) $360
Budding biologist will assemble a critter while studying the parts of an insect.

ARTHROpology  (Grades 3-5) $360
Explore the benefits of an arthropod’s exoskeleton and identify parts of the external anatomy of a grasshopper specimen!

Designer Seed Dispersal (Grades 5-8) $360
The challenge: a plant has little to no mobility and your students must engineer a way to disperse a seed so that it can levitate in a wind tunnel.  Students will explore various means of seed transportation within the natural world!

Herpetology HySSSteria (Grades 6-8) $360
Can you think like a field ssscientist?  Most human beings have an unnatural fear of snakes due to a lack of knowledge about these animals.  Students will learn about these misunderstood herps, predator/prey relationships, ecological importance as well as use the scientific process to conduct a study on various snake lengths!  Note: This workshop includes live animal meet and greet.

WildFlower Seed Slinger (Grades K-4) $450
Enhance the world around you by making an earth friendly seed ball.  Students will also assemble a slinger that will launch the ball into a desired plot of land!


Bubble Blots (Grades K-3) $360
Why use a brush when you can let bubbles pop a pattern?  Young artists will learn that are and science are one with this fun, bubble-blasting activity!

Seltzer Splatter (Grades 4-8) $360
Newton’s Laws of Motion, Acid-Base indicators and Art all join together in this exciting and educational workshop.  Students will launch seltzer-fueled pop rockets above Goldenrod indicator paper.  The “blast off” results in a beautiful abstract piece of art!  (Students get to take the artwork with them.)

Pendulum Painting (High School) $600
Create your own masterpiece using principles expounded upon by Foucault!  Using a tripod to suspend your plum bob, and a container of paint, use the resulting pendulum to combine the precise movements of Earth with abstract art.


Bouncin’ JitterBots (Grades 3-8) $450
Students will use their knowledge of electricity and magnetism to fashion a mechanical insect.  All participants will engineer his or her one of kind dancing toy with common items and a simple circuit that uses a DC motor!

Cell Phone Projector (High School) $600
Most people own a smartphone these days, but they cannot conveniently watch videos with friends on such a small screen.  Your young engineers will be familiarized with light, optics and focal length as they construct a cellphone projector from a shoebox and lens.