November is National American Indian Heritage Month!

Today, there are over 500 different federally recognized Native American Tribes in the Americas. These tribes represent groups of people with distinct cultural backgrounds, languages, customs and histories. Today, Native people live modern lives, but many still practice their traditional customs. For example, Native people might also speak their Native language in addition to English, practice traditional religion, and wear regalia or special clothes, for important occasions.

Native people have called the Americas “home” for thousands of years, long before Europeans arrived. So, how do scientists learn how they lived thousands of years ago, before there were written records? They use archeology! Archeology represents one way to learn how Native people lived in the past. Archaeologists study how people lived long ago by examining the things they left behind- artifacts, or objects made or used by people. Artifacts provide clues about the people who made them and the time in which they lived.

Click below to learn about some of the Native people of South Carolina, today and in the past.

Catawba Tribe

Cherokees of South Carolina

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