Field Trips

Looking for fun and educational activities? Then visit the ScienceSouth Pavilion at Freedom Florence. Here, we have programming available for students of all ages, including grades K-12. Field trips may begin at 9:00 am on Monday through Friday. Interested parties must schedule field trips at least two weeks in advance. There is no charge for chaperones, although they are required. A field trip deposit must be received and a contract signed before a field trip can officially be booked.

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You may contact Call Casey Coker at 843.679.5353 ext 309 for any field trip inquiries.

Field Trip Pricing:
The pricing below is the amount per student for each respective workshop amount. For example, if you have 12 students and want them to do two workshops, the price per student would be $16.25. Please note that the amount of workshops refer to workshops occurring consecutively. If you wish to have workshops occurring simultaneously, the amount you pay will be based on the number of students you have in each individual workshop, not in sum total.

Field Trip Pricing

Number of Workshops

Per Student




$12.00 $9.50







$26.00 $23.00


Each StarLab session is $110.00 for a maximum of 25 students per session.

All Shows are $250 each.

Special Notes:

  • We request that there be at least one adult/chaperone for every five students in attendance.
  • We cannot adjust programming for classes larger than 30 (or 25 for the StarLab).


Field Trip Options:


Animal Adventures
60 minutes
Students will explore characteristics of different animals; from where they live, to what they eat, and how they eat it. They will learn about how certain adaptations help some animals survive in the wild. There will also be hands-on fun with ScienceSouth’s very own animal friends.

Forces of Attraction
60 minutes
Students will explore characteristics of magnetism and their link to electricity using discovery boxes with hands-on tools. Working in pairs, students will use magnets to levitate, separate, and detect other metals.

Invertebrate Intrigue: Build an Insect
60 minutes
Budding biologists will assemble a critter while studying the parts of an insect.

Mysteries of Mass
60 minutes
Students will be introduced to the concepts of mass versus weight, air resistance, and gravity during this inquiry-based workshop. During the experiment, they’ll assemble a hanging balance to use for their investigations as well as learn how it parallels with the scientific method process.

Soil Sleuths
60 minutes
Students will get a “feel” for soil as they explore its properties. Using soil samples from around their school they will determine its color, texture, size, and shape. Students will observe and predict the type of vegetation (as well as animals and micro-organisms) that the soil supports.

StarLab Planetarium
60 minutes
Join ScienceSouth for a tour of the night sky inside the StarLab dome. Student astronomers will view the solar system, stars, and constellations.


Bridge the Gap
60 minutes
Students will learn the importance of inquiry science as they follow the scientific method to solve a bridge design project.

Circuitry: Making the Connection
60 minutes
Illuminate the science of electricity! Students will experiment with circuitry by making their own series and parallel circuits while discovering the functions of different electrical components by making their own working circuits.

Designer Seed Dispersal
60 minutes
The challenge: a plant has little to no mobility and your student must engineer a way to disperse a seed so that it can levitate in a wind tunnel. Student’s will explore various means of seed transportation within the natural world.

Does Pollution Matter?
60 minutes
What is pollution and how does it affect our watersheds? Students will test a polluted “pond” sample for pH, temperature, and conductivity. Using the processes of filtration, sifting, magnetic attraction and flotation, they will separate the polluted sample to discover how and why pollution occurs.

Outrageous Optics
60 minutes
Explore some of the basic properties of light in our outrageous optics workshop. Students will see a rainbow appear in their classroom, explore reflection and refraction, and make their best attempt at our mirror challenge.

Small Life, Big World
60 minutes
Students will delve into the world of microorganisms. Participants will learn the parts of a microscope and how to use it to discover the differences in plant and animal cells and examine and identify various eukaryotic microorganisms.

StarLab Planetarium
60 minutes, One Session
Join ScienceSouth for a tour of the night sky inside the StarLab dome. Student astronomers will view the solar system, stars, and constellations.


Alternative Engineering

60 minutes
Students will explore wind and water as alternative energy sources as they design and build turbines to power electrical generators. They will also learn the benefits and challenges of greener energy.

Bubble Gum Science
60 minutes
Anything can be used to teach science, even gum! This inquiry lab demonstrates that by using the scientific method, you can make almost any fun activity a science experiment. Gum brands are compared in this 60-minute workshop, with students blowing bubbles, measuring with tools and recording sizes to determine which produces the biggest!

Futuristic Fuel Cells
60 minutes
Build a model emission-free vehicle! Students will experiment with alternative energy sources and learn how hydrogen might be used around the world to power the future.

Herpetology Hysteria
60 minutes
Can you think like a Field SSSSScientist? Most human beings have an unnatural fear of snakes, because of not having enough knowledge about the animals. Students will obtain knowledge about these misunderstood herps, predator/prey relationships, ecological importance, and using scientific process when conducting a study of various snake lengths.

StarLab Planetarium
60 minutes
Join ScienceSouth for a tour of the night sky inside the StarLab dome. Student astronomers will view the solar system, stars, and constellations.


Cellular Respiration
60 minutes
Explore and manipulate the phenomenon of cellular respiration by using touch screen technology and live, ectothermic specimens!

Water Quality
90 minutes
Using PASCO Spark equipment, students will test the water quality of local pond and/or stream samples to determine pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and conductivity.

StarLab Planetarium
60 minutes
Join ScienceSouth for a tour of the night sky inside the StarLab dome. Student astronomers will view the solar system, stars, and constellations.

Live Science Shows

All Systems Go  
Come and join us as we explore space. What is the temperature of the moon? What exactly is the vacuum of space? What keeps our feet on the ground and the planets in motion? Find out all of this and more as we travel to infinity and beyond.

Inquiring Minds 
From the fundamentals of forces to circumnavigating strange circuitry, observe some of the most interesting oddities of science through our diverse demonstrations. During this show, select students will participate in scientifically oriented activities and formulate explanations for unexpected phenomena.

Radical Reactions
You haven’t seen flashy until you’ve seen us experiment with chemical and physical reactions. Pull up a chair and watch our demonstrations on the fire triangle, polymers, and how we whip up elephant toothpaste!

Scales and Tails  
Get up close and personal with our live animals! Discover their unique habitats and how they fit into the food chain. We’ll explore the unique characteristics of cold-blooded, warm-blooded, vertebrate, and invertebrate animals.

Super Power Spectacle 
KAPOW! SMASH! ZAP! Students will come face to face with modern marvels that can replicate the super powers of their favorite heroes and villains.  From levitation to invisibility, they’ll learn that science has no boundaries!

Weather Show
Come experience the wild world of weather! Learn the basics of weather and explore temperature, pressure, and volume. Get the scoop on wind and weather fronts too!