Birthday Parties

Birthdays only come once a year, so celebrate your special day with ScienceSouth. It will be an experience everyone will remember. Our parties are exciting, high energy, and interactive. Where else can you get a fun and educational birthday party?

Birthday Party Packages:

Up to 10 children = $220.00

11-15 children = $260.00

16-20 children = $300.00

All Birthday Packages include:
• Hands-On Workshop for all children
• Science Goody Bags
• Dedicated Presenters

Additonal Add-Ons:
• Drinks = $7.00
• Ice Cream Cups = $7.00
• Cupcake Cake = $28.00

Birthday Themes:

All party themes are for children 5 and up.  All parties are scheduled for 90 minutes.


Wacky Science
You are not going to believe your eyes when you get the chance to create our own fizzy potion, gooey slime, and crystal ball during this wacky birthday!

Balloon Bonanza
Blast, hover and race balloons like never before! You’ll be able to build and power up balloon rockets, hovercrafts, and racecars that you can take home!

Marvelous Mixtures
“OOH and AAH” when you combine different household ingredients to create your own mini lava lamps, make a ball bounce, and explode a bag!

Spa Science
Concoct homemade lip gloss, perfume sticks, and body glitter during your “spa day” with us! Pick your own scents and colors to customize your products!

Party Animals
Show-n-tell, and touch, with ScienceSouth’s most popular pets! You will learn and explore the characteristics and habitats of a snake, tarantula, and much more! Make your own pet firefly or rattlesnake to carry home with you!

Amazing Astronomy
Blast off into space by making straw rockets and bring the sky to your fingertips in our blow-up planetarium! Your party will be out of this world!

NOTE: The host parent is responsible for serving and cleaning up any food and/or materials not provided by ScienceSouth in the birthday package or as add-ons. In addition, the host parent is responsible for all children being picked up at the appropriate time, and must be present until the last child has left.

Birthday Parties are scheduled by ScienceSouth’s availability.  Please call Casey Coker at 843-679-5353 ext. 309 to book your party!